Emission Repair Facility

Emission Repair Facility

Emission Repair Facility

GermanMotorCare Service Center is a Certified Emission Repair Facility
We are a TX licensed emission repair facility. If your vehicle has failed the TX state inspection, we are licensed and able to repair your vehicle in order for it to pass inspection. If your car failed inspection, and you would like us to take a look at it and give you an estimate on the necessary repair, we will need the failure papers you received at the inspection facility.

What is an emissions test?

Emissions testing or Smog testing is used in many areas of the country to improve air quality. But even if your community is not affected, you still need to know about emissions testing and smog checks because problems that often cause emission failures can also cause a variety of drivability and performance complaints.

Mandatory emissions testing has become a fact of life in many areas as a means of identifying vehicles that are “gross polluters” so they can be fixed.

CT State Certified Emissions Test Facility

Did you know that the Motor Vehicle Commission requires you to take your motor vehicle for an emissions inspection every two years? This kind of testing is administered through a network of privately owned (but certified) auto repair shops. The auto repair shops carry their official Test Center number. Portland Automotive is a CT state certified emissions test facility and A certified emissions repair facility. At our auto repair shop, we can perform emissions testing on all eligible vehicles or model year except diesels. Visit our shop at 1601 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75075 or call us at +1 (469) 298-3363 to make an appointment.

When Do I Get Tested?

You must have an emissions test every other year. Over the next two years, you will be sent a notice in the mail with your test date that provides a generous time period for getting it done.

What if I fail the Emissions Test?

If your vehicle failed the emissions test, then it’s exceeding the allowable emissions standards for the year it was manufactured. Vehicles that fail need to be repaired and retested within 60 calendar days from the date of the initial test. Click here for information on failing the Connecticut Emissions Test.

CT State Certified Emissions Repair Facility

A state certified emissions repair facility is a privately owned motor vehicle repair facility, licensed to repair emissions-related failures. The repair facility must employ a CERT (Certified Emissions Repair Technician) who has passed a state-required training program. Portland Automotive is a CT state certified emissions repair facility.